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Summer in the Suburb

Posted on 2006.06.10 at 11:19
Current Mood: apatheticapathetic
School got out yesterday. I am still a little crazy with exhilaration, hope, excitement, and the fact that my house has become a shell where people fight, bicker, shout, yell, and throw things all day. I got to sleep last night by blasting Steely Dan out of my headphones and falling asleep with Yevgeny Yevtushenko's Don't Die Before You're Dead under my cheek. I had the scene where Lyza is nearly hanged printed backwards on my cheek this morning; it took me ten minutes to wash it off and while I was doing that I cut myself on the sharp edge of the bathroom cabinet. It was sharp pain that felt good. Oddly. 

Tonight I am going to an Elvis Costello concert at Ravinia. My mother and sister have a dinner to attend, and my sister graduated from junior high (grade 8) yesterday in a floor-length satin lavender dress with a row of buttons down the back, two wide straps, and silver open-toe stilettos with crossover detailing and rhinestones. Her graduating class numbered 86 people, and it was in the big gym with air conditioning and a speech focusing on the survival statistics of the loggerhead turtle. It's 1 in a 1000 that live to adulthood, actually. A warm and fuzzy thing to say to a bunch of whitebread kids who want to get into high school and have a better rate than that.

Every way you look at it, you lose.


stargazy at 2006-06-11 15:41 (UTC) (Link)
Enjoy the concert!
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