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It's Up To You (Not)

Who you fighting for? The Great Green Arkelseizure?

The Cynical Swordfish
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Museblog: Queen Julietaini the Froody of Kiador; Queenie; WDNT

I mainly use my LJ for talking about my life and how miserable I am. I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed. Well, it isn't that bad. It is, actually. I am a junior high adolescent girl from the US who started a blog when those she inflicted her ideas on began to die mysteriously of suicide attempts or internal hemorrhaging. Cynical, acidly funny, and about as confused as Jessica Simpson learning the difference between a rollaway bed and a Roloway monkey, this particular blog has got personality problems the size of Brazil, the brainpower of a colobus monkey, the self-esteem of a wet paper box, and reading it is more fun than electrocuting your pleasure center.